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Learning English Plus (LE+) is a specialist online hub for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) tutors, volunteers and providers. LE+ is an extension of Learning English in Yorkshire and the Humber (LEYH), a resource that matches migrant learners of English with suitable local and online English language classes.

We recognise that growth in online learning, alongside growing numbers of learners from differing educational backgrounds, has made it challenging to find ESOL resources quickly.

LE+ was created to provide an up-to-date database dedicated to resources, news, events and training opportunities in the Yorkshire and Humber region. We hope that access to this service will help you locate what you’re looking for quickly and easily. 

The LE+ site gives you access to:

A dedicated Resource Hub – with direct links to a large selection of helpful ESOL teaching and learning resources. In the resource hub, you’ll find links to a range of teaching materials, videos, LEYH bespoke resources and links to external resources and support. Our Resource Hub is growing. We regularly add regional and local materials and encourage course providers to get in touch if they have information to share.

A Staff Room with the latest updates – we’ve collated all the latest ESOL news and events for those running classes in the Staff Room. Find out about current vacancies, upcoming conferences and research projects and more. Our Staff Room also includes related information to ensure that your learners are fully supported. Again, we welcome relevant updates and encourage those with information to get in touch.

A Training section to support your professional development needs – ESOL teacher Continuing Professional Development (CDP) opportunities, webinars, forums, volunteer training and training for organisations are listed here. To offer a comprehensive level of support, we’ve included regional, national and online training provision. 

Please visit https://learningenglis.wpengine.com/Learning English in Yorkshire and the Humber to find local and online classes suitable for ESOL learners.

LE+ is your space to grow in support of ESOL learners. As we continue to develop and evolve our services to benefit those using them, we welcome your feedback. Please feel free to share relevant information or updates. And if you’re a class provider, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Would you like to be featured in our news section? We’re collecting the stories of ESOL professionals using our service. Your lived experience could be valuable to others as they look to create their own ESOL success stories. Please email us using our contact form if you’re interested in telling your story.

At LE+, we’re committed to making it easier for ESOL professionals to quickly find the resources they need. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Resource Hub

    Here you will find direct links to a large selection of useful teaching and learning resources for ESOL teachers from a varied range of sources. These include:

    • Documents & articles
    • Videos
    • Links to resources websites and other supportive information
    • LEYH bespoke resources
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  • Staff Room

    Here you will find the latest news and upcoming events that specifically relate to running your class. Plus, related articles and events you may find helpful to attend.

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  • Training

    Here you will find a list of training opportunities, including webinars and forums, for ESOL teachers, volunteers and organisations. This section will help you enhance, refresh and develop your teaching skills and unlock your full potential as an ESOL teacher/provider.

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