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The Branch Food Share - Huddersfield

This Learning Resource is focused on local food support. The resource includes a film we made that showcases The Branch, a food share initiative in Huddersfield.  The video includes an interview with Richard Langford, who runs the food share, as well as information about how it works, and how you can get involved.  The Resource also includes slides, teacher notes and worksheets focused on foodbanks and food support in general, with links to regional information. 

Ilustrative image

Ilustrative image

'The Branch Food Share'

You can view our video about the Branch Food Share here.  The video duration is 4.32 minutes. It includes information about this valuable community support initiative and how to get involved. This video can be shown in class as a starting point for discussion of food support in your area, or the idea of food support and food banks in general.  The video also shows how you can get involved as a volunteer in this kind of activity.  The video is also embedded in the slides on this theme. 

Teaching Notes

These are the teacher notes which are embedded. You can Download or view them for a quick overview. The teacher notes are on food support, including suggestions for activities and approaches for use with learners at different levels, from pre-Entry to Entry 3 +.  You can build these suggestions into your lesson plans on food support.


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Slides Resource

This is our main resource.  You can download or simply show the slides from this page in class.  The slides include an embedded version of our film, plus activities and links to worksheets and online information about food support services.  There are 20 slides.  Use in conjunction with teacher notes and worksheets. 

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Keyword list

These are the Keyword list which are embedded for a quick view. You can Download them via the PDF button. This is a keywords list to accompany the resources. It includes audios of all keywords plus example sentences. You can follow the link to download or view on this page.  

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