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Childcare Choices

Resources developed by MESH to help familiarise learners with the Childcare Choices website. This is a government website that tells parents and others about childcare provision and what people are entitled to.

Childcare Choices Slides

This resource can be used in conjunction with the Childcare Choices website. You can adapt or extend any of the activities to suit your learner’s needs. This gives learners an understanding of Government help with childcare, and encourages them to engage with the website.

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Teaching Notes

You can download these teacher notes or view them for a quick overview. The teacher notes include suggestions for activities and approaches for use with learners at different levels, from pre-Entry to Entry 3 +.  You can build these suggestions into your lesson plans.

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Keyword List

This is a keywords list to accompany the resources. It includes audios of all keywords plus example sentences. You can follow the link to download or view on this page.

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