Published on 9 February 2022

Heart and Parcel Learner Blog

Clare from Heart and Parcel writes,

I thought that our current ESOL writing project might be of interest to practitioners and learners.

Heart & Parcel set up a learner-led blog this year for people learning English. Called ‘Food for Thought’, we encourage writers to develop their English language writing creatively through 4 themes, loosely: food, language learning, journeys and culture.

Learners can join our online sessions which include developing ideas, feedback, a technical skills workshop and re-drafting of their creative writing. We run writing support sessions on a 4-week cycle and learners can join as many cycles as they wish.

You can see some of the great work coming from the first cohort  here:

If you have any learners who would like to join us (the next cycle is starting 14th February) Please get them to email to express their interest. All levels welcome.

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