Published on 6 June 2023

MESH Out & About in Sheffield

26th April 2023

I recently attended an open morning for the ReSTORE programme, which provides practical guidance and help for refugees who have been nurses or healthcare professionals in their countries. It offers support with the English language skills, communication and clinical skills required to work in the NHS, and with their clinical exams (CBT and OSCE) to become fully registered with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council).

This programme is currently running in South Yorkshire, and the open day was held in Sheffield.

Run by Blerta Ilazi, who was in the same position herself when she started nursing in the UK, the day was inspiring and emotional. The room was full of people who had qualified and worked in healthcare in their countries in many different capacities, from nurses to midwives to oncologists and anesthetists. What they had in common was a drive and determination to continue practising within their field of expertise in the UK, as well as the frustrations and barriers that they have found in their way.When everybody was sharing their stories, there was palpable emotion in the air, but also a feeling of solidarity and the power of gathering together in a dedicated space and have somebody like Blerta help them to achieve their goals.

by Angela Palmer

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