Published on 22 November 2021

Caroline Norman leaves the MESH team

In October MESH sadly said goodbye to Caroline as she moved on to develop her work with Refugee Council. Caroline has been a valued and valuable member of the MESH team since 2019. Some of the team and trustees wanted to say a few words about Caroline as she moves on to new work.

‘I know Caroline through MESH but due to the coronavirus we havent met more than a few times. But I know Caroline’s work well having benefitted from it every week in my working life as an ESOL teacher and as well as via MESH/LEYH. In fact Caroline – being the person she is – probably wont realise how hundreds of people like me benefit from her work every single day and week. Caroline’s development and resource work has been critical to ESOL in our region,  from the ‘high’ level work of developing networks between us to the class level of learning and teaching. Caroline will be missed by MESH colleagues as a person, there’s no doubt about that. But Caroline’s immense work will continue to benefit so many people involved in ESOL across the region (and beyond). Thanks Caroline’. Dr Martin Nickson, MESH trustee

“On first meeting Caroline, I knew I was encountering someone with intelligence, deep commitment and great ability: she could not have been better-suited for the role as Development Worker for MESH. Her superb work on all aspects of the Learning English website and more recently on Learning English Plus, is testament to her determination to get a job done and done well. Caroline is an incisive and clear-headed thinker, whose rich experience in language and literacy education has benefitted us enormously. She will be greatly missed.” Dr James Simpson, MESH trustee

“Firstly- congratulations, Caroline, your new job sounds like a great opportunity. I’m sure you will make a huge contribution, as you have to MESH. You’ve been with us from the start of LEYH and did a fantastic job of engaging providers and tutors across your region. And you have also made a massive contribution to the development of Learning English Plus. The resources hub receives so many positive comments, and this is down to you. At a personal level, we’re all going to miss you at networking events and team meetings. You often made us laugh, and I’m sure we all want to know how things are going, especially with your new mischievous kittens! So many thanks, and all the best, hopefully your new role will enable you to keep in touch!” Catherine Hemmings, MESH Director

CONGRATULATIONS on your new job Caroline, you are going to be as amazing in your new role as you were with MESH. I am truly going to miss working with you, discussing ideas and solving problems. This isn’t goodbye from me you do not get rid of me that easily I am still going to call you and have our catch-ups. 
You take care and all the best in your new role.” Safina Arif, ESOL Development Worker

“Caroline has brought expertise and wisdom to her role at MESH as well as a great on the ground knowledge of her area. Her insight and understanding of the field have been an asset to us as a team as we have developed both LEYH and LE+. She will be very much missed – our loss is her new team’s gain!” Clare Jackson, ESOL Development Worker

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