Published on 19 April 2022

NATECLA is asking for your response to the consultation on ESOL qualifications

NATECLA needs your help! Deadline 27 April 2022 

Department for Education: Review of post-16 qualifications at level 2 and below in England

The DfE has proposed that ESOL qualifications should continue to be funded at all levels including Level 2.  This is GREAT news! Thank you to all who responded to the first consultation last spring. But we still need to reconfirm our support for this.

The DfE is now asking for confirmation of their proposals and more justification from us.  While NATECLA is submitting a comprehensive response, we need you to endorse our viewpoint on five key questions and to provide examples of how these changes will impact on ESOL learners and their life chances.

NATECLA wants to make it clear that

  • we agree it is essential to keep ESOL qualifications Q29
  • if the National Literacy Standards are revised (ESOL qualifications are based on these) we must have NATECLA/ESOL representation on the revision panel Q27, 28
  • the new pre-technical qualifications they are proposing must not take funding away from ESOL programmes Q23
  • employability and personal development qualifications must continue to be funded Q30

If you have views on the above, and, ideally, examples to support these views, we urge you to respond to these five consultation questions and ask your colleagues to do so too.  You can ignore all the other questions! If you are a manager, you may want to also respond to some other questions that concern funding and defunding – there are some notes in the crib-sheet.

Please see our crib-sheet with suggested responses and a link to the consultation questionnaire – deadline Wednesday 27 April 2022.

If you have any queries, please contact NATECLA on

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