Published on 19 April 2022

NATESOL Annual Conference 2022

TESOL today: Local, Global, Equal & Open

The Northern Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Annual Conference 2022 (online) is now open for registration.

The conference aims to provide a space for practitioners from all TESOL contexts to come together to share ideas, examples of practice, research, and discussion around the shape of TESOL as it is and as we want it to be

About the event

The last two years have seen a change in perspective for many, with a greater concern for equity, inclusion and social justice arising from shared experiences. Our focus is on how TESOL is rising to the challenges posed by the times. Should TESOL now be moving beyond teaching language? How do we bring social concern and fight for justice into our classrooms? Can we? Should we? What does a truly inclusive TESOL classroom look like? How do we address challenges of sustainability? How TESOL today be empowering for the future, in and beyond the classroom? Themes we are looking to address:

● Equity and Justice

● Inclusion and accessibility

● Multi/pluri-lingual pedagogies

● Pedagogies of care

● Agency and empowerment

● Learners as partners

● Globalisation

● Sustainability

● Decolonisation

And other topics which respond to the challenges outlined above.


Khawla Badwan (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Aleks Palanac (University of Leicester)

Time & Location

Saturday 14 May, 10:00 – 15:00 BST Via Zoom

Conference fees

Speakers Free

Members £5

Non-members £10

Unwaged & students £2.

Certificates of attendance free to members and speakers, £10 for non-members.

Register here

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