Published on 19 January 2022

The newly published English Language (ESOL) for Resettlement Guidance document is now available

Whilst the document has been published with the London area in mind, some parts of it will be a useful resource wherever you are.

The guidance aims to:

  • Raise awareness of UK Resettlement Schemes and programmes with an ESOL element, and related requirements
  • Improve access to ESOL for resettled families through increasing understanding of mainstream ESOL funding and eligibility
  • Improve the availability of suitable ESOL for resettled communities, by improving awareness and take-up of the additional ESOL and ESOL childcare funding made available via Resettlement and Community Sponsorship Schemes
  • Encourage partnership working between Refugee Resettlement Coordinators, Community Sponsorship Groups, formal and informal ESOL providers and civil society organisations, to improve the experience of resettled communities and their progression in and from ESOL and
  • Share good practice and resources captured to date via the review of earlier resettlement schemes.

Section one covers current UK resettlement schemes and immigration routes of interest. Section two explains ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages. Both of these sections are useful in giving a clear overview of the current ESOL ‘world’. Section three is specific to London and then following sections have elements that are useful wherever you are based. The document is comprehensive and definitely worth a look.

English Language (ESOL) for Resettlement

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