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Invitation to OnLINE symposium

“Transcending Boundaries: Fostering an Open Research-Teaching Dialogue in English Language Teaching (ELT)”

ELT is a constantly evolving field, where the latest research findings and innovative teaching practices hold the potential to transform the way we educate and empower language learners. The synergy between research and teaching is essential for bridging the gap between theory and practice, ensuring that evidence-based approaches are effectively integrated into language classrooms across different contexts.
This FREE event welcomes ALL who are interested. Our aim is to delve deep into the question: How open are we in fostering the research-teaching dialogue in ELT? We have an exciting line-up of 13 speakers representing key ELT partners, including teachers, teacher educators, researchers, publishers, assessment specialists, and ELT industry leaders. including language teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and ELT industry leaders. By doing so, we hope to uncover the strengths, challenges, and opportunities for enhancing openness within this critical dialogue.

The symposium program is attached and the book of abstracts can be found here:

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