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Seminar 8 - 'Sociolinguistics and Language Education'

  • When? 11 March 2023
  • Where? Online
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    Time: 10:00 am - 13:00pm
    The seminar is free and will be held on zoom (details will be sent later). To reserve your place, please email Mel Cooke at

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Seminar 8 in the series ‘Sociolinguistics and Language Education’

ESOL and political action?

  *   ESOL and political action: where does it happen? What forms does it take?
  *   What conditions and practices facilitate or impede political action, and do they differ across ESOL sectors (not-for-profit, adult ed, FE, HE)?
  *   What are the links to community organising and to organisations like housing and migrant rights groups, trades unions, political parties? And what part, if any, does multilingualism play?
  *   Amidst cuts to funding in a ‘hostile environment’, does an ESOL oriented to political action offer teachers and students distraction or hope?

ESOL in the UK has a history of political engagement, from campaigns for access and funding for ESOL like Action for ESOL, #LoveESOL<> and the ESOL Manifesto<>, to broader social justice causes, like the cost of living crisis or anti-fascism, that often disproportionately impact migrants. This seminar aims to provide a space to reflect on the relationships – past, present and future – between ESOL and political action and will be of interest to practitioners, activists and researchers working within and beyond ESOL. The seminar will be participatory and interactive. Speakers include: Dermot Bryers (English for Action), Michael Hepworth (University of Sunderland) and Katy Highet (University of the West of Scotland); other contributors will be confirmed soon.

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