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Yorkshire Dialect Poem

A Yorkshire Dialect poem written by Migration Yorkshire, including resources for teaching with it, audio files and an overview with teaching notes. This resource will help learners to get accustomed to the sound of region-specific terms, and how they sit in a sentence. This is a fun resource to use as a speaking and listening activity. In this pack you will find a spoken and written version of the poem, slides you can use in class, and some notes for teachers about how to deploy this resource with learners at different levels.

Yorkshire Dialect Poem

Written by Annie Lancashire and the team at Migration Yorkshire.

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Slide Resource

This resource can be used in conjunction with the Yorkshire dialect T’int in tin poem which has been written by staff members at Migration Yorkshire. 

The poem contains a number of Yorkshire dialect words which learners can become familiar with. We recommend using this with E3+ level learners.

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Teaching Notes

You can download these teacher notes or view them for a quick overview. The teacher notes include suggestions for activities and ideas to suit Entry 3 + ESOL levels. These activities have been developed to go with the Yorkshire dialect Poem, written by Annie Lancashire and the team at Migration Yorkshire. You can build these suggestions into your lesson plans.

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More useful resources

Ideas for teaching Yorkshire dialect

This resource provides ideas for teaching and embedding Yorkshire dialect in ESOL classes. Suitable for all levels.

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