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Health Care in England

Resources developed by MESH to complement the Healthcare in England literature, which was developed to give new arrivals in the UK or those who don’t speak English an understanding of how to access healthcare services in their local area. The aim is to help learners understand the document by focusing on key vocabulary and information within it. Includes Google slides resource, a keywords list with audio, an overview with teaching notes and worksheets.

Slides Resource

You can use this as a resource on the web, or download it and make a copy to adapt for your learners. The slides and worksheets are also printable.

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Teaching Notes

You can download these teacher notes or view them for a quick overview. The teacher notes include suggestions for activities and approaches for use with learners at different levels, from pre-Entry to Entry 3 +.  You can build these suggestions into your lesson plans.

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Keywords List

The Keywords List includes key words from the resource, with meanings, example sentences and audio.

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