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MESH have been busy this year getting out and about and meeting providers around the region who have something to offer to migrants. We got creative in partnership with Michael Godsall, a Leeds based film maker and three amazing providers across the region. Resulting in production of three videos for this project.

The resources to go with the video include a Slide presentation with activities that are useable on a Smartboard/laptop or can be printed out. This is accompanied by a variety of printable worksheets and an overview with teacher’s notes. The video is embedded in the Slides lesson as well as being available separately.

The Resources

  • Foodbanks & Food Support

    These resources include information about a community foodshare initiative as well as foodbanks in general. They link to regional information about foodbanks and accessing food.

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  • Enrolling at College

    Enrolling at college can be daunting for those with no previous experience of the college environment. These resources aim to show learners what to expect when they go to enrol.

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  • ESOL outside the classroom

    These resources focus on learning opportunities outside of the ESOL classroom, including activities to help learners use the Wider Opportunities section of the website to find regional opportunities that interest them.

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